To show the need for the TRNC to be recognised as a sovereign, independent, democratic nation state, viewed as equal in opportunity, rights, and status to its friends in the South.

This would correct a historic injustice. 

For over a century the plight of Turkish Cypriots has been overlooked. History has been distorted and bent. Northern Cyprus and its 380,000 citizens, as well as thousands of British expats have and continue to be unfairly punished.

UN proposals

Since 1963 there have been 11 UN proposals to resolve the issue. Referendums to unite the island in 2004 were voted in favour of by the North. The South rejected all these attempts for peace. In spite of the North showing a willingness to resolve the issue, the Turkish Cypriots continue to be penalised.


A new solution for Northern Cyprus

From trade to travel, education to healthcare, Turkish Cypriots face discrimination purely on ethnic grounds. The TRNC has strived for a resolution of the issue and many meaningful concessions have been made. These have sadly fallen on deaf ears. It is now time to accept reality. The UK and the world must start looking towards a new solution for the island.

Since 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has operated as a sovereign, independent, democratic state with a national identity and ambitious population. However, due to the South’s insistence on maintaining the current, failed status quo, they enjoy international recognition and its benefits while the North is isolated.

A mandate for one island, two nations

In 2020, the people of Northern Cyprus voted for a two state solution when they elected Ersin Tatar to the presidency. The mandate for a resolution is now stronger than ever.

This solution is easy – but requires political will and concessions on both sides. Achieving equality with the South, and gaining recognition on the world stage can pave the way for sustainable peace and stability on the island and in the region.

One island, two nations. Each fully recognised. Both cooperating freely and living side by side harmoniously.

This is what
‘Freedom and Fairness’ is striving for. What’s not to like?