Global Britain – a ‘guarantor power’ capable of breaking the Cyprus deadlock

President Ersin Tatar, CAPX

Writing whilst on his official trip to London in March 2022, President Tatar sets out his argument for British parliamentarians and political stakeholders to support the inherent sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot People. He argues that the Turkish Cypriot People are entitled to equal rights and opportunities as Greek Cypriots and that their inherent rights, including individual and collective human rights, have been violated for decades.

Despite pledges to end the isolation of the TRNC, the international community has not honoured their commitments, and the Greek Cypriot side has entrenched the status quo in their favour. The President advocates for a two State solution and calls for the UK and the international community to honour their promises to end the embargo on the Turkish Cypriot people, which will contribute to the security, stability, and cooperation in the region.