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The TRNC is a friend to Global Britain – and will resist French attempts to compromise the UK’s strategic footing

Çetin Ramadan, Express.co.uk

France is positioning itself as the defender of “European sovereignty” and security in the post-Brexit era, taking advantage of the vacuum left by the UK’s departure from the EU. French President Emmanuel Macron’s opposition to NATO is still strong, and his vision for a European security architecture remains intact, as evidenced by France’s agreements with Southern Cyprus and Greece. Macron’s judgement on European security differs from most of the continent, as he has criticized NATO as “brain dead.” France’s alliance with Greece and Southern Cyprus, which owns parts of the Calypso gas field, is crucial to European security. The recent defence deal between Greece and France includes a mutual defence clause that goes beyond NATO’s Article V. France’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are marginalizing Britain in a crucial area, and the UK should seek a reliable ally to balance the French and Greek efforts. Northern Cyprus, the legitimate state in the Turkish majority of the north of the island, could be that ally.

Unlocking the Cyprus issue would unlock the abundance of hydrocarbons off the island’s coast, Tatar proclaims

Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, has urged UK parliamentarians to seek a fair solution to the longstanding conflict between North and South Cyprus. Tatar stated that the gas reserves in Cypriot waters could be utilized by Europe if a resolution can be found, assisting with the energy supply crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since 1963, the Cyprus crisis has resulted in the death of hundreds and the forced displacement of thousands. Following a Greek nationalist junta’s takeover in 1974, the island separated into two entities, with attempts to reach a federal solution having failed. President Tatar has stated that a federal solution is “dead” and that a two State solution must be agreed. He called for a committee to supervise oil exploration and demanded recognition of sovereign equality between the two states before negotiations can resume.