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The Labour Party cannot ignore Turkish Cypriots when addressing Islamophobia

David Maddox, Express.co.uk

The Freedom and Fairness campaign, alongside representatives from the UK Turkish Cypriot community signed and issued a letter to Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, calling on him to address the hypocrisy in how Islamophobia is addressed within the party.

As we mark Islamophobia Awareness Month, the letter urges Starmer to reflect on whether the UK would isolate a European Christian country in the same way Britain has the Turkish Cypriots in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

A two State solution, proven in Cyprus, needed for Israel-Palestine

President Tatar recently spoke to the Express amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The President highlighted that whilst the world does not recognise the two State solution in Cyprus, it is a model that is an undoubtable reality and it is a model for relative peace. President Tatar therefore argues that it should be implemented to other irreconcilable conflicts, like with Israel-Palestine.

President Tatar also reflects on his childhood and how he witnessed the atrocities faced by the Turkish Cypriot people. Similar to the Palestinians in Gaza, Turkish Cypriots were under siege between 1963 to 1974, deprived of food, water and electricity. 

The only way to ensure peace between Israel-Palestine is via a two State solution. It established peace on the island of Cyprus and it can help establish peace in this area of the Middle East.

British High Commissioner Siddiq blasted by President Tatar

In the second time in just over two months, Britain’s High Commissioner in Cyprus has once again accused Northern Cyprus of being Russia’s “money laundering black spot”.

Fresh off the back of calling Türkiye’s 1974 Peace Operation a ‘land grab’, Irfan Siddiq has again displayed his bias against Turkish Cypriots by alleging (without evidence) that the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ has cleaned up its financial practices in relation to Russia. 

Siddiq’s misinformation was slammed by TRNC President Ersin Tatar as “disappointing” and “prejudiced”. Once again, Siddiq demonstrates why he has no credibility in his position.

Direct flights from the UK to Northern Cyprus? There may be a way…

Affordable holidays to Europe’s last unspoiled corner may be getting easier to go on. In an interview with Chet Ramadan, Chair of the Freedom and Fairness for Northern Cyprus campaign, he argued for the practicality of a solution that allows for direct flights.

With countless benefits for the 300,000 Turkish Cypriots living in the UK, the 10,000 British nationals living in the TRNC, and for anybody who wishes to touch down in the island of Cyprus’ largest airport to begin a holiday without breaking the bank, direct flights are the answer. 

Interested to learn how they could start? Click on the link above to read the article.

UN Buffer Zone

Out of touch High Commissioner calls 1974 Turkish intervention a “land grab”

Speaking to the estimated 10,000 British nationals living in the TRNC, the British High Commissioner to ‘Cyprus’ Irfan Siddiq referred to the second phase of Türkiye’s intervention on the island as a “land grab”.

Suggesting that the 1960 Constitution no longer could be applied to Turkish Cypriots, Siddiq, showcased his staggering ignorance of history and reality by likening the TRNC to that of Russia’s annexations in Ukraine. 

President Tatar speaking to the press

President Tatar: “Something is cooking” as Macron eyes ‘revenge strategy’ to threaten British bases on Cyprus

Following a visit by French President Macron to Southern Cyprus in May, TRNC President Ersin Tatar raised his concerns about a potential French military base on the island stating it contradicts existing agreements.

The President put forward his case that this may be Macron seeking to exact revenge on the UK following its withdrawal from the European Union.

Tatar said that any agreement must consult Turkish and Greek Cypriots the UK, Türkiye, and Greece.

The TRNC is a friend to Global Britain – and will resist French attempts to compromise the UK’s strategic footing

France is positioning itself as the defender of “European sovereignty” and security in the post-Brexit era, taking advantage of the vacuum left by the UK’s departure from the EU. French President Emmanuel Macron’s opposition to NATO is still strong, and his vision for a European security architecture remains intact, as evidenced by France’s agreements with Southern Cyprus and Greece. Macron’s judgement on European security differs from most of the continent, as he has criticized NATO as “brain dead.” France’s alliance with Greece and Southern Cyprus, which owns parts of the Calypso gas field, is crucial to European security. The recent defence deal between Greece and France includes a mutual defence clause that goes beyond NATO’s Article V. France’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are marginalizing Britain in a crucial area, and the UK should seek a reliable ally to balance the French and Greek efforts. Northern Cyprus, the legitimate state in the Turkish majority of the north of the island, could be that ally.

Unlocking the Cyprus issue would unlock the abundance of hydrocarbons off the island’s coast, Tatar proclaims

Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, has urged UK parliamentarians to seek a fair solution to the longstanding conflict between North and South Cyprus. Tatar stated that the gas reserves in Cypriot waters could be utilized by Europe if a resolution can be found, assisting with the energy supply crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since 1963, the Cyprus crisis has resulted in the death of hundreds and the forced displacement of thousands. Following a Greek nationalist junta’s takeover in 1974, the island separated into two entities, with attempts to reach a federal solution having failed. President Tatar has stated that a federal solution is “dead” and that a two State solution must be agreed. He called for a committee to supervise oil exploration and demanded recognition of sovereign equality between the two states before negotiations can resume.

TRNC President urges UK PM to solve the Cyprus issue with two State solution

Ersin Tatar, leader of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is advocating for a two State solution to end the Cyprus dispute. Tatar argues that the current stalemate is due to the Greek Cypriot Side’s refusal to negotiate and that a solution based on mutual respect and acknowledgement of the inherent rights of both the Turkish and Greek Cypriot people is necessary. The Turkish Cypriots have remained loyal to the United Kingdom, and their right to self-determination is rooted in history. The Greek Cypriot Side usurped the partnership of the Republic of Cyprus in 1963 and subjected the Turkish Cypriots to ethnic cleansing. Tatar says that the Turkish peace operation in 1974 led to the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and despite the Turkish Cypriot Side’s efforts, the Greek Cypriot Side has rejected 15 settlement plans and ideas. President Tatar believes that reaffirming sovereign equality and equal international status for both sides is necessary to establish a cooperative relationship and deliver on promises made by the international community.