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Former celebrity hotspot in Cyprus blossoms after being closed off for 50 years

Georgie English, The Sun

The ghost town of Maraş was reopened in 2020 by TRNC President Tatar. Known for its past as an A-list celebrity hotspot, the town is now being eyed as the Dubai of the eastern Mediterranean. 

After decades of abandonment, the TRNC has bold and ambitious plans to bring the seaside town back to its former glory. Over a million tourists have already visited the town – proving its incredible potential.

Two States in Cyprus can prevent the island from becoming the new Gaza

Both Sides in Cyprus must remain level-headed and respectful of one another to prevent a costly mistake that could turn the island into the new Gaza. Speaking to The Telegraph’s Nick Squires, who was visiting the TRNC,  President Ersin Tatar outlined why he believes efforts to reunify the island are a ‘waste of time’, and explained how recognition from more countries can and will come slowly but surely.

The British Residents’ Society also gave their opinions on the continued stalemate in negotiations on the future of the island, with one commenting “you can’t keep flogging a dead horse.”

A lack of direct trade with and flights to Northern Cyprus is ‘onerous and arbitrary’ says senior Conservative MP

The UK formerly had a sensible approach to bilateral ties with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Not any more.

Forcing passengers to disembark one aircraft and board another in Türkiye is a cruel and arbitrary measure, especially given the historic ties between the country and the UK.

To continue in this approach would be hypocritical of the British government – especially given it did not reject Kosovo or Bosnia when they declared their independence.

Direct trade and flights is in  Britain’s national interest. To not seize this opportunity gives Iran, China, Russia an open goal.

WATCH: President Tatar gives an exclusive interview to TalkTV on his two State vision for Cyprus

President Tatar speaks to TalkTV’s Peter Cardwell on his plans for a two State settlement for Cyprus, and touches on the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict and the implications it may have for the island.


LISTEN: President Tatar features on Times Radio for exclusive interview with Baroness Ruth Davidson

Times Radio

President Tatar speaks to former Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the Rt. Hon. Baroness Ruth Davidson on his vision for a two State solution on Cyprus, the purpose of his visit to the United Kingdom, and his desire to see Britain adopt a more prominent role in resolving the ‘Cyprus issue’ in a fair way – respecting the sovereign equality of both Sides.

LISTEN: President Tatar gives an exclusive interview to LBC’s Iain Dale

President Tatar speaks to LBC’s Iain Dale on his vision of a two State solution on the island of Cyprus, the role the TRNC can play on the world stage, and the history of the island and why the TRNC formed.

WATCH: President Tatar gives an exclusive interview to GB News on the devastating Turkish earthquake

President Tatar speaks to GB News’ Camilla Tominey on the devastating impact on his community, and that of Türkiye and Syria following the earthquake in central and southern Türkiye.