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British weakness is not just affecting Northern Cyprus but also the South

Çetin Ramadan, Comment Central

British foreign policy has, for too long, been passive and seemingly uninterested on all matters relating to Northern Cyprus. Whilst successive UK governments regurgitate the same calls for a ‘bizonal, bicommunal federation’, the region falls further into an uncertain spiral – creating a void other countries are happy to fill.

The UK runs the risk of Russia expanding its eastern Mediterranean influence unless it acts decisively. Russia’s recent ‘partial recognition’ of the TRNC, alongside an increasing presence of Iranian nationals may pose critical threats to the future of the UK’s strategic foothold in the region.


Tatar extends hand of friendship to King Charles III with invite to seven star hotel in TRNC

The President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, has invited King Charles to visit the Golden Sands Hotel, the world’s first-ever seven-star hotel on the island of Cyprus. Tatar believes that reunification between the Greek Cypriot southern part of the island and the TRNC is now “absolutely impossible” and wants the South’s president to recognise his country as part of a “two State solution”. He accused the UK of failing to use Brexit to broker “a fair solution”. An official Royal visit would be a formal recognition of the TRNC, which could then enter the Commonwealth as a separate member. The Golden Sands Hotel has been abandoned since the Turkish army moved into North Cyprus to protect Turkish Cypriots in 1974. After decades of failed talks, President Tatar’s government last year decided to open up the town to both Turkish and Greek Cypriots to visit and has given individual owners, mostly Greek Cypriots, the opportunity to reclaim their properties. So far, 3.4% of the town has been reclaimed, including the ownership of the Golden Sands Hotel.

The TRNC is a friend to Global Britain – and will resist French attempts to compromise the UK’s strategic footing

France is positioning itself as the defender of “European sovereignty” and security in the post-Brexit era, taking advantage of the vacuum left by the UK’s departure from the EU. French President Emmanuel Macron’s opposition to NATO is still strong, and his vision for a European security architecture remains intact, as evidenced by France’s agreements with Southern Cyprus and Greece. Macron’s judgement on European security differs from most of the continent, as he has criticized NATO as “brain dead.” France’s alliance with Greece and Southern Cyprus, which owns parts of the Calypso gas field, is crucial to European security. The recent defence deal between Greece and France includes a mutual defence clause that goes beyond NATO’s Article V. France’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are marginalizing Britain in a crucial area, and the UK should seek a reliable ally to balance the French and Greek efforts. Northern Cyprus, the legitimate state in the Turkish majority of the north of the island, could be that ally.