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Türkiye is now a geopolitical kingmaker the West can no longer overlook

Çetin Ramadan, Comment Central

Turkey stands as a pivotal bridge between the West and East, projecting its influence globally across Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and North Africa. Turkey’s stance on global matters, including the prolonged Syrian humanitarian crisis and issues in the Sahel and North Africa, must be acknowledged owing to the repercussions each has for Europe.

The Cyprus issue is no different, with President Erdoğan calling upon the international community to acknowledge the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state and a two-State solution akin to the UN and EU’s backing of Israel and Palestine. Additionally, the reintegration of Nagorno-Karabakh into Azerbaijan is regarded as a step towards heightened stability in the Caucasus. Furthermore, the international recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is deemed conducive to fostering a peaceful settlement in the eastern Mediterranean.

Former UK Foreign Secretary voices support for a new solution on Cyprus

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Jack Straw served as Foreign Secretary under Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair from 2001 to 2006. He witnessed first-hand the double-standards of the Greek Cypriot Administration, and speaks the truth about why Türkiye had to intervene on the island in 1974.

He offers his own account and insights from the period when the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ was negotiating to join the European Union and claims that the process ought to have been paused until a solution on the island was reached.

Now he calls on the UK to step up and act in the interests of all Cypriots on the island to help end 50 years of failed negotiations for a federal settlement.


British weakness is not just affecting Northern Cyprus but also the South

British foreign policy has, for too long, been passive and seemingly uninterested on all matters relating to Northern Cyprus. Whilst successive UK governments regurgitate the same calls for a ‘bizonal, bicommunal federation’, the region falls further into an uncertain spiral – creating a void other countries are happy to fill.

The UK runs the risk of Russia expanding its eastern Mediterranean influence unless it acts decisively. Russia’s recent ‘partial recognition’ of the TRNC, alongside an increasing presence of Iranian nationals may pose critical threats to the future of the UK’s strategic foothold in the region.


Out of touch High Commissioner calls 1974 Turkish intervention a “land grab”

Speaking to the estimated 10,000 British nationals living in the TRNC, the British High Commissioner to ‘Cyprus’ Irfan Siddiq referred to the second phase of Türkiye’s intervention on the island as a “land grab”.

Suggesting that the 1960 Constitution no longer could be applied to Turkish Cypriots, Siddiq, showcased his staggering ignorance of history and reality by likening the TRNC to that of Russia’s annexations in Ukraine. 

President Tatar: “Something is cooking” as Macron eyes ‘revenge strategy’ to threaten British bases on Cyprus

Following a visit by French President Macron to Southern Cyprus in May, TRNC President Ersin Tatar raised his concerns about a potential French military base on the island stating it contradicts existing agreements.

The President put forward his case that this may be Macron seeking to exact revenge on the UK following its withdrawal from the European Union.

Tatar said that any agreement must consult Turkish and Greek Cypriots the UK, Türkiye, and Greece.

LISTEN: LBC’s Iain Dale and former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith discuss the TRNC and President Tatar

Renowned broadcaster, Iain Dale, and former Home Secretary under Gordon Brown, Jacqui Smith speak about President Tatar’s March interview on LBC, the Cyprus issue, and the continued importance of British involvement on the island. Describing it as ‘fascinating’, Dale spoke about the President’s CapX article, the history of the island, and makes comparisons to Israel-Palestine, and Northern Ireland. 

LISTEN: President Tatar features on Times Radio for exclusive interview with Baroness Ruth Davidson

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President Tatar speaks to former Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the Rt. Hon. Baroness Ruth Davidson on his vision for a two State solution on Cyprus, the purpose of his visit to the United Kingdom, and his desire to see Britain adopt a more prominent role in resolving the ‘Cyprus issue’ in a fair way – respecting the sovereign equality of both Sides.

LISTEN: President Tatar gives an exclusive interview to LBC’s Iain Dale

President Tatar speaks to LBC’s Iain Dale on his vision of a two State solution on the island of Cyprus, the role the TRNC can play on the world stage, and the history of the island and why the TRNC formed.

The isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people isn’t just a political motivation, but a religious one too

The UN has approved the second International Day to Combat Islamophobia, recognising that Muslims worldwide face persecution and atrocities such as the Rohingya and Uyghur genocides. While 94% of the UK’s over three million Muslims are able to practice their religion freely, anti-Muslim prejudice still exists, and the UK Government has promised to define Islamophobia. Paul Bristow,  Member of Parliament for Peterborough (a city with a significant Muslim community), has seen how Islamophobia can be subtle but real during his February (2023) visit to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot Muslim population faces international isolation due to the unresolved “Cyprus issue,” which needs to be resolved for the benefit of the UK and the Western Alliance by creating trade opportunities and strengthening relations with Turkey. Prejudice against Muslims can take many forms, including isolation.