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Türkiye is now a geopolitical kingmaker the West can no longer overlook

Çetin Ramadan, Comment Central

Turkey stands as a pivotal bridge between the West and East, projecting its influence globally across Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and North Africa. Turkey’s stance on global matters, including the prolonged Syrian humanitarian crisis and issues in the Sahel and North Africa, must be acknowledged owing to the repercussions each has for Europe.

The Cyprus issue is no different, with President Erdoğan calling upon the international community to acknowledge the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state and a two-State solution akin to the UN and EU’s backing of Israel and Palestine. Additionally, the reintegration of Nagorno-Karabakh into Azerbaijan is regarded as a step towards heightened stability in the Caucasus. Furthermore, the international recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is deemed conducive to fostering a peaceful settlement in the eastern Mediterranean.

UN hypocrisy and double-standards are to blame for increased Cyprus divisions

The construction of the Pile-Yiğitler road should have been hailed as a much needed humanitarian project specifically designed to enhance the lives of Greek and Turkish Cypriots living in the buffer zone. However, when the United Nations began blocking and assaulting Turkish Cypriot workers involved in the project it served only to highlight its own double standards.

The UN made no efforts to prevent the construction of an entire university by Greek Cypriots in the buffer zone – yet when it comes to one single road to help in the transport of food, medicine, and fresh water to this integrated community it shows its prejudices.