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Former Turkish Ambassador to the UK urges Global Britain to use its unique role to end the Cyprus issue

His Excellency Ümit Yalçın,

During his time as the Turkish Ambassador in London, Ümit Yalçın has witnessed significant events such as Brexit, Covid-19, and the earthquakes in Türkiye. He expresses gratitude for the UK’s solidarity and support during the earthquakes, but believes the UK can play a more active role in finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Cyprus. Despite this issue, bilateral relations between Türkiye and the UK have developed, with intensified political contacts as NATO allies and strategic partners. The Free Trade Agreement between the two countries has been signed and is being expanded. The UK is also among the top 10 favourite tourism destinations for Turkish visitors. Yalçın considers it an honor to represent Türkiye as an ambassador, especially in the UK, and holds the UK and its people in a special place in his heart.

The UK has a unique role to play in resolving one of Europe’s last frozen conflicts

According to the European Research Group (ERG), the UK’s most significant achievement since leaving the EU has been its foreign policy leadership, particularly in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression. The article argues that this demonstrates the UK’s potential to shape its global role and resolve conflicts such as the ongoing Cyprus issue. The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has called for a two State solution to the Cyprus issue, which has been unresolved for nearly 50 years. The article contends that a federal solution has failed and that only by granting equal sovereign and international status to both sides can a peaceful, long-term solution be achieved. The article concludes by suggesting that by seizing post-Brexit opportunities, Britain can establish direct trade and international flights with the TRNC, which is a crucial step towards resolving Europe’s longest frozen conflict.

Tatar extends hand of friendship to King Charles III with invite to seven star hotel in TRNC

The President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, has invited King Charles to visit the Golden Sands Hotel, the world’s first-ever seven-star hotel on the island of Cyprus. Tatar believes that reunification between the Greek Cypriot southern part of the island and the TRNC is now “absolutely impossible” and wants the South’s president to recognise his country as part of a “two State solution”. He accused the UK of failing to use Brexit to broker “a fair solution”. An official Royal visit would be a formal recognition of the TRNC, which could then enter the Commonwealth as a separate member. The Golden Sands Hotel has been abandoned since the Turkish army moved into North Cyprus to protect Turkish Cypriots in 1974. After decades of failed talks, President Tatar’s government last year decided to open up the town to both Turkish and Greek Cypriots to visit and has given individual owners, mostly Greek Cypriots, the opportunity to reclaim their properties. So far, 3.4% of the town has been reclaimed, including the ownership of the Golden Sands Hotel.

Cyprus needs a two State solution in the best interests of all involved

Ersin Tatar, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is urging for a two State solution to end the 60-year dispute over Cyprus. Tatar believes that the hydrocarbon reserves in the surrounding areas may not be exploited if a solution is not reached. His proposal suggests that both sides of the island should remain permanently divided with equal sovereign status. However, Tatar’s critics argue that this plan may turn the isolated TRNC into an economic colony of Ankara, which may threaten the North’s prized secular status. The TRNC already receives at least €270m a year from Ankara, and Tatar warns that if the international community does not engage with his plan and lift the embargo on the TRNC, it will have to integrate even more closely with Ankara. The value of the hydrocarbons in the east Mediterranean was time-limited, and if the status of the TRNC remains deadlocked, the hydrocarbons risked being left untapped as governments moved on to greener technology such as solar.

The TRNC is a friend to Global Britain – and will resist French attempts to compromise the UK’s strategic footing

France is positioning itself as the defender of “European sovereignty” and security in the post-Brexit era, taking advantage of the vacuum left by the UK’s departure from the EU. French President Emmanuel Macron’s opposition to NATO is still strong, and his vision for a European security architecture remains intact, as evidenced by France’s agreements with Southern Cyprus and Greece. Macron’s judgement on European security differs from most of the continent, as he has criticized NATO as “brain dead.” France’s alliance with Greece and Southern Cyprus, which owns parts of the Calypso gas field, is crucial to European security. The recent defence deal between Greece and France includes a mutual defence clause that goes beyond NATO’s Article V. France’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean are marginalizing Britain in a crucial area, and the UK should seek a reliable ally to balance the French and Greek efforts. Northern Cyprus, the legitimate state in the Turkish majority of the north of the island, could be that ally.

Unlocking the Cyprus issue would unlock the abundance of hydrocarbons off the island’s coast, Tatar proclaims

Ersin Tatar, President of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, has urged UK parliamentarians to seek a fair solution to the longstanding conflict between North and South Cyprus. Tatar stated that the gas reserves in Cypriot waters could be utilized by Europe if a resolution can be found, assisting with the energy supply crisis created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since 1963, the Cyprus crisis has resulted in the death of hundreds and the forced displacement of thousands. Following a Greek nationalist junta’s takeover in 1974, the island separated into two entities, with attempts to reach a federal solution having failed. President Tatar has stated that a federal solution is “dead” and that a two State solution must be agreed. He called for a committee to supervise oil exploration and demanded recognition of sovereign equality between the two states before negotiations can resume.

TRNC President urges UK PM to solve the Cyprus issue with two State solution

Ersin Tatar, leader of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is advocating for a two State solution to end the Cyprus dispute. Tatar argues that the current stalemate is due to the Greek Cypriot Side’s refusal to negotiate and that a solution based on mutual respect and acknowledgement of the inherent rights of both the Turkish and Greek Cypriot people is necessary. The Turkish Cypriots have remained loyal to the United Kingdom, and their right to self-determination is rooted in history. The Greek Cypriot Side usurped the partnership of the Republic of Cyprus in 1963 and subjected the Turkish Cypriots to ethnic cleansing. Tatar says that the Turkish peace operation in 1974 led to the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and despite the Turkish Cypriot Side’s efforts, the Greek Cypriot Side has rejected 15 settlement plans and ideas. President Tatar believes that reaffirming sovereign equality and equal international status for both sides is necessary to establish a cooperative relationship and deliver on promises made by the international community.