Former Turkish Ambassador to the UK urges Global Britain to use its unique role to end the Cyprus issue


His Excellency Ümit Yalçın,

During his time as the Turkish Ambassador in London, Ümit Yalçın has witnessed significant events such as Brexit, Covid-19, and the earthquakes in Türkiye. He expresses gratitude for the UK’s solidarity and support during the earthquakes, but believes the UK can play a more active role in finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Cyprus. Despite this issue, bilateral relations between Türkiye and the UK have developed, with intensified political contacts as NATO allies and strategic partners. The Free Trade Agreement between the two countries has been signed and is being expanded. The UK is also among the top 10 favourite tourism destinations for Turkish visitors. Yalçın considers it an honor to represent Türkiye as an ambassador, especially in the UK, and holds the UK and its people in a special place in his heart.