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Baroness Mobarik – ‘Britain has no reason to continue ignoring the TRNC.’

Baroness Mobarik, Comment Central

Baroness Mobarik visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in February 2024. During her time there she saw the wealth of tourism and business opportunities the country offers the UK. She heard plans for Maraş to be restored as a world-leading tourist destination, and listened to the entrepreneurial spirit of Turkish Cypriot small business owners and the Chamber of Commerce (KTTO).

She says that the UK should seize the opportunities that the TRNC offers and recognise the two State solution on Cyprus to preserve peace and economically benefit both North and South.

A lack of direct trade with and flights to Northern Cyprus is ‘onerous and arbitrary’ says senior Conservative MP

The UK formerly had a sensible approach to bilateral ties with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Not any more.

Forcing passengers to disembark one aircraft and board another in Türkiye is a cruel and arbitrary measure, especially given the historic ties between the country and the UK.

To continue in this approach would be hypocritical of the British government – especially given it did not reject Kosovo or Bosnia when they declared their independence.

Direct trade and flights is in  Britain’s national interest. To not seize this opportunity gives Iran, China, Russia an open goal.

Global Britain – a ‘guarantor power’ capable of breaking the Cyprus deadlock

Writing whilst on his official trip to London in March 2022, President Tatar sets out his argument for British parliamentarians and political stakeholders to support the inherent sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot People. He argues that the Turkish Cypriot People are entitled to equal rights and opportunities as Greek Cypriots and that their inherent rights, including individual and collective human rights, have been violated for decades.

Despite pledges to end the isolation of the TRNC, the international community has not honoured their commitments, and the Greek Cypriot side has entrenched the status quo in their favour. The President advocates for a two State solution and calls for the UK and the international community to honour their promises to end the embargo on the Turkish Cypriot people, which will contribute to the security, stability, and cooperation in the region.

Former Turkish Ambassador to the UK urges Global Britain to use its unique role to end the Cyprus issue

During his time as the Turkish Ambassador in London, Ümit Yalçın has witnessed significant events such as Brexit, Covid-19, and the earthquakes in Türkiye. He expresses gratitude for the UK’s solidarity and support during the earthquakes, but believes the UK can play a more active role in finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Cyprus. Despite this issue, bilateral relations between Türkiye and the UK have developed, with intensified political contacts as NATO allies and strategic partners. The Free Trade Agreement between the two countries has been signed and is being expanded. The UK is also among the top 10 favourite tourism destinations for Turkish visitors. Yalçın considers it an honor to represent Türkiye as an ambassador, especially in the UK, and holds the UK and its people in a special place in his heart.

The UK has a unique role to play in resolving one of Europe’s last frozen conflicts

According to the European Research Group (ERG), the UK’s most significant achievement since leaving the EU has been its foreign policy leadership, particularly in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression. The article argues that this demonstrates the UK’s potential to shape its global role and resolve conflicts such as the ongoing Cyprus issue. The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has called for a two State solution to the Cyprus issue, which has been unresolved for nearly 50 years. The article contends that a federal solution has failed and that only by granting equal sovereign and international status to both sides can a peaceful, long-term solution be achieved. The article concludes by suggesting that by seizing post-Brexit opportunities, Britain can establish direct trade and international flights with the TRNC, which is a crucial step towards resolving Europe’s longest frozen conflict.