Unprecedented step as over 50 British parliamentarians call for direct flights to the TRNC from the UK


David Maddox, Independent

More than 50 British parliamentarians have joined with the ‘Freedom and Fairness for Northern Cyprus’ campaign to launch a groundbreaking effort calling on the UK Government to allow direct flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) from Britain.

In an open letter to the Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, they call for Britain “to ensure that all Cypriots, regardless of their ethnicity, have equality in the fulfillment of their potential and the right to live their lives free from arbitrary discrimination.”

They say that “the UK Government has not fulfilled its commitments to the Turkish Cypriot People and has been unwilling to discuss any tempering of measures [to make travel to the TRNC easier].”

The letter, signed by a former Foreign Secretary, a former First Minister of Northern Ireland, a former Conservative Party Leader, alongside a broad coalition of Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat, DUP, UUP, and Conservative politicians, rallies for direct flights “in the interests of fairness and national security… to send a clear message that [the UK Government] upholds the commitments it has made to the Turkish Cypriot People.”